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Petrolheads Welcome

Formula 1
Formula 1 information, instant results and highlights. Guides to interesting sites and information the next Grand Prix.
How many days to go??? Monaco here we come.

Formula FORD
Official Australian Formula Ford Association Website. Also Queensland Motosports Page

Formula 2
Official Australian Formula 2 and 3 Association Website.
Formula 2 racing is as close as you can get to driving a formula 1 style car here in Australia.

F1 Versus "Ordinary"
Just how does an ordinary car stack up against an F1 monster?

Repco Brabham
This year is the 33rd anniversary of Repco Brabham. Find out about the history or send us some stories or information.
Also people looking for things etc.

Bathurst 1996
Our Bathurst Pages created as the race developed...

Rally Scene
The how when and where of rallying.

Drag racing Australian Drag Racing

FIA Home Page
Is this Max City!!!!!

Confederation Of Australian Motor Sports

American NASCAR Racing

Harley Who????????
Fancy some motorbike action

Australian Circuit Racing
Information about Australian circuit motorsport.

Le Mans
The 66th LeMans 24 Hours - 6th-7th June 1998

Speed Shop
A guide to motorsport suppliers in Australia. Support them as they support this site

Classic Cars
A worldwide guide to Classic motorcars, old and new.

IndyCar Action - Indy Car Racing Magazine
A.J.Foyt is known to be super competitive in anything from a tricycle to an Indycar.
Who else races What Else?

New SKODA Octavia New SKODA Octavia
Remember Skoda Octavia from the 60s??? Here is the latest reincarnation...

Due to popular demand - Sport Cars own page, mostly Convertibles, you know...

VW Beetle Version 2.0 New VW Beetle
Another reincarnation of another CULT CLASSIC... Special Aussie Sunshine Beetle...

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