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We come to You
Yes we come to you to setup your ADSL connection which ensures that you are up and running in no time.*

Dialup backup
In the chance of your MinervaNET ADSL connection going off line we will supply you with a standard dial up connection. This means you are never off-line.

Do I need a new line installed
No! MinervaNET ADSL uses your existing phone line and lets you talk and be online at the same time.

We supply the hardware
We will supply you with the ADSL modem/router for your network or non-network setup. We can also supply you with specialized network setups.*


MinervaNET ADSL is a super speedy 'always on' Internet service. Experience download speeds never seen with a standard dialup connection.


We have a range of competitive rates to suit your requirement.

All plans are available Australia wide.